Friday, June 8, 2012

Tay's Little Fairy House: The Lost Post

Last March, I was in a mad rush to prepare for a new baby and to get in as much one on one time with the kids as possible before the crazy started.  Who knew then that our world would turn upside down and take a good year to navigate back to normalcy. 

One morning, Tay woke up and said she wanted to "build something". Being days before my delivery date, I contemplated what to build and decided on a Popsicle stick structure. A fairy house to be exact. This was one of the most special projects with my little girl who looks at the world with wonder and believes in magic.  A simple design was formed by creating a "one room" house with a porch, deck, and raised roof so that she can view her fairies when they visit.

Tay painted and (I) hot glued all the little flowers and pieces (left over from the days I had time to scrapbook) on after it was dry.  A bed was constructed with Popsicle sticks as well as steps and a little chair for the porch.

I will remember this project with her my whole life, because it was magical for me too.

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